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/dp/B00CMJOHFQ/ – Healthy food guide The 10 Healthiest Foods on the Planet These 10 superfoods are proven, expert-beloved disease …
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Bangladesh building collapse: survivor found 17 days after tragedy

A woman has been pulled alive from the wreckage of a garment factory building that collapsed near the Bangladeshi capital 17 days ago and killed more than 1000 people, officials said Friday….
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President Obama Holds a Press Conference with President Chinchilla

President Obama and President Chinchilla of Costa Rica speak to the press and take questions in San Jose. May 4, 2013.
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Weekly Address: Time to Replace the Sequester with a Balanced Approach to Deficit Reduction

President Obama says that because Republicans in Congress allowed a series of harmful, automatic budget cuts—called the sequester—to take effect, important p…
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Landing Gear From 9-11 Terror Attack Found a Decade Later

Airplane debris discovered between NYC buildings by construction crews.
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