Job Swap: Sebastian and Rocky

30 Days To A Flat Stomach And Tight Butt!!!
Flat Stomach And Tight Butt "30 Days To A New You"

Joining The Amazon Associates Program And Affiliate Country Locales

Tutorial video includes tips on joining Amazon as an affiliate and how to promote products to foreign countries by joining the Associates Program for each of…
The Thin For Life Program

Anthony with the Y Be Fit program delivers some Dunk the Junk nutrition education

Thanks to the Humana Foundation support of the Y Be Fit program in Coachella Valley, weightlifter Anthony is able to deliver Dunk the Junk nutrition educatio…
The Thin For Life Program

A Special Announcement From SHAYCARL and SHAYBEARD! With Special Guests!

Ever wonder what CARTOON Shay would say to REAL Shay? ShayCarl’s new animated show, SHAYBEARD, is premiering on CARTOONIUM on MAY 18TH! Subscribe to CARTOONI…
Abs Uncrunched

Bangladesh building collapse: survivor found 17 days after tragedy

A woman has been pulled alive from the wreckage of a garment factory building that collapsed near the Bangladeshi capital 17 days ago and killed more than 1000 people, officials said Friday….
Abs Uncrunched