Get Fit While You Sit – Seated Lateral Raise


A busy mom with cerebral palsy shows how she stays fit regardless of having to sit most of the time. The exercises are simple and have been adapted to get the most out of them from a sitting position. Give them a try. For more information about Getting Fit While You Sit, or Fun Things for the Family to do in Hampton Roads make sure you visit LaVerne at – http
Get Fit While You Sit.

You Can’t Out Train a Bad Diet


No matter what you may think about losing weight you can’t out train a bad diet. Everything you put in your body is either burned or turned to fat. Exercise will never be able to compete with the amount of calories bad food choices have stuffed in them. Be conscious of what you eat and live a better life. Head to the link above and learn how to lose weight and change your lifestyle using our 60 Day Trainer weight loss plan for Kbands Burn.
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