BUBU’ (1972) [Eng subs]

This is the 1972 Italian film BUBU’, directed by Mauro Bolognini, starring Ottavia Piccolo and Italian pop-singer, turned actor, Massimo Ranieri. The screenplay was adapted by Giovanni Testori, Mario di Nardo and Bolognini from the 1901 French novel "Bubu de Montparnasse", written by Charles Louis Philippe. Manolo Bolognini was the film’s producer. BUBU’ depicts the tragic fate of Berta (Piccolo), a young woman forced into prostitution by her lazy and corrupt boyfriend, Bubù. As the young couple make their way in an insidious world of pimps and prostitutes, they find themselves continually haunted by the spectre of the disease, syphilis. For Berta, hope of a better life may come in the form of Piero (Ranieri), a hapless young student, who tries to save her from Bubù, and herself. Though the source novel is set in Paris at the turn of the 20th century, the filmmakers transposed the story to Milan and Turin, Italy, mainly for economic reasons. Despite, or perhaps because of, their Parisian flavor, the visuals are outstanding, with lush cinematography from Ennio Guarnieri, and exquisite production design by Piero Tosi. The music is by Carlo Rustichelli, with an evocative theme song, sung by Giorgio Gaber. BUBU’ is available on a French subtitled region 2 DVD (as "Bubu de Montparnasse") from Carlotta Films. English subtitles have been added
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