PIYOLET Get Fit While You Sit – Hands, Wrists & Legs

Roslyn Bazzelle, demonstrates some fitness moves to stretch the hands & wrists and strengthen the legs, all while sitting in a chair. PIYOLET – Pilates, Yoga & Ballet
Get Fit While You Sit.

Lily/Rufus – May I

On Friday I asked for song suggestions because I had to make a GG OTP video for round 1 in Goodbye Gossip Girl Competition. And Natalie suggested this one on Twitter, and Roos agreed, and next thing I know it’s Sunday night and I’m done. Don’t even ask me how that happened cos I truly have no idea. Well I hope you enjoy this xD *Song: "May I" by Trading Yesterday *Program: Sony Vegas Pro 11 Voiceovers: "I’m still in love with you." "I have been alone for quite a while now and you know what? It’s hard." "I don’t expect anything." "It’s okay." "You’ve earned the right to move onto the next chapter of your life." "Wow." "You need to go in and say your goodbyes." "Thank you Rufus." "Marry me, Lily." "Yes." "How dare you show your face at an event you know my wife is at." "Come here." "I’m so excited for you to be my husband." "Good luck Lil’, with everything." "Not a lot of Humphreys in the society pages." "You exist in our world and it is the only world that matters." "Claim your life this time. Live it the way you wanna live it." "I’m still in love with you." "I’m fairly certain that Lily and I weren’t boring when we closed the dance floor to "Moves Like Jagger"." "I kinda like this double agent thing you’ve got going on." "You do?" "Happy New Year Lil’." "Happy New Year." "I don’t wanna miss out." "Neither do I."
The Thin For Life Program