Learn How to Increase Your Flexibility – Weighted Pike Stretch


Correctly performed Weighted Pike Stretches are extremely beneficial, especially for adults, as they allow the student’s own strength and tightness to aid them in stretching more effectively. Most students are pleasantly surprised by the relatively rapid increases in flexibility resulting from an only moderate, but consistent, degree of effort. Performance points for beginners: 1) Begin from a standing position while holding either a weighted bar, weight plate or dumbbell with straight arms. The weight used will generally range anywhere from 25lbs up to half bodyweight. Be conscientious in choosing a weight that is not overly challenging for you. 2) If your flexibility allows it, I recommend standing on the end of a sturdy box or bench so that you may descend past your feet. 3) Keeping the knees straight lower down into the pike stretch. Descend until you reach a degree of mild discomfort. 4) Pause for thirty seconds. Allow the shoulders and the back to relax comfortably into the stretch. 5) Return to a stand. Performance points for more advanced students: 1) More advanced students may begin holding the weight plate under the bench in a squatted position as demonstrated in the video. 2) This variation is very effective as it requires a great degree of depth in the pike stretch. There is literally no way for the student to cut corners with their depth on this <b>…</b>
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