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FUNNY RIOTS: ‘Don’t Riot, Just Buy It’ – MC Shah


A SATIRICAL MUSICAL TAKE ON THE LONDON RIOTERS THAT CAUSED SO MUCH DAMAGE IN AUGUST 2011….MIXED WITH BOBBY MCFERRIN’S ‘DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY’. Performed and written by AMIT SHAH Story by LINDA CAIRNS, NICK COOKE and AMIT SHAH Directed by NICK COOKE Produced by LINDA CAIRNS Music produced by ALAN GLASS Sound Foley by CALLUM DUNLOP Snickers bar victim: ROB PUNJANI Body double: AMAR SHAH Special thanks to Mr KM Shah and Mrs SKShah Music based on Bobby McFerrin’s ‘DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY’ Special thanks to Bobby McFerrin
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