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The No Discount Guide To Fitness Marketing

You Da One (Justin Bieber Love Story) Episode 2


— it was hard cuz of the heels. Josh: Andrea! *runs after her* Andrea: fuck fuck fuck! please don’t be late! *looks around* Taxi!!! A taxi stoped and I got in fast I saw josh running he’s my bestfriend he hoped in I hope I’m not late. The interview is at 5:00 it’s 4:45 Omg! The cab was driving by now. Josh: Okay so what’s so big about this job interview Andrea: First this job would help me you know how long my life long dream was to beworking for that specific industry i wanna be the head chiefs secretary imagine me having my own office and on the computer typing and walking in everymorning and bringing him or her their coffee *smiles dreamly* I need this job. Josh: Well good luck with that drama queen look ahead of us I looked ahead of us and saw we were stuck in traffic my eyes widen. Andrea: NO! *screams/gets out the car* Josh: Where you going?! Andrea: I’m running to the office! Josh: It’s 9 blocks away from here it’s imossible it’s 4:50! Andrea: ugh I took of my heels and started running and running and running as fast as I can at this point I only ran 5 blocks I’m tired im sweating ew gross. I saw this <b>…</b>
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Never Give Up


"Dairy foods are the most harmful of the traditional four food groups."- Dr. John McDougall ‎’The time will come when men will look on the murder of animals as they now look on the murder of men’ Leonardo da Vinci
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Insanity workout ~ Fat Pastry Chef


Just a quick video to show yall what I look like after the insanity workout! This work out is crazy intense but i feel amazing afterwards!! I feel like a beast! No joke! LOL
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