Mimi Mimi by Millie


I heard my niece Millie play this on guitar, singing "Mimi Mimi" which is our female dog’s name. I quickly turned on the digital recorder and captured a small snippet of what she was doing. This little recording I did gave me the idea to do another recording, which I already posted, of us singing it together. This version is the quick one with just her doing it. I recorded this in my home early 2011. She was only 4 years old when she did this. Written and performed by Millie McKeon. Copyright 2011—All Rights Reserved.
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Fat Aussie Cone 14 (2)


Aussie Fatblast Success System

Leland’s Ultimate Cardio Workout


Celebrity Personal Trainer and Fitness Expert Justin Lord, who was recently featured on a regular slot of ITV's "This Morning" a National TV Show based in the UK, now brings to you his Ultimate Cardio Workout DVD Series
Celebrity Personal Trainer – Ultimate Cardio Workout Dvd Series

The Whole Of The Moon (Cameron Monaghan Video)


A Video I made for Cameron Monaghan using the song The Whole Of The Moon by Mandy Moore. Thanks to the sites i got the pics and videos from.
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