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-Always together- is Map (Eeveeaz 2012)


Well that is the pack i create, this the preview of the map, it need more trees, rock, flowers and stuff… Laws: No wings, you just can have wings if you are death. You can have unrealist colors. If you kill someone from the pack you will become a loner/rougue. The Alpha can’t have a mate (For now on… the laws are just for fun XD) Don’t Make friendship with humans, pets, loner or rougues. Ranks: Alpha (The leader) Beta (The Second comand) Heathler (Take care of the sick dogs) Warrior (Protect the clan) Hunter (Bring food to the clan) Pupsitter (Females pregament or with pups) Apprentice (Training to be a Heathler,warrior or Hunter) Pups (You know X3) Loner/Rougue (Walk around the forest, so.. they are not in the pack but whatever…) Pets (Humans is dogs, ot cat…) Q-Why do you need loners, rougues, pets and cats in a Canine Wild Rp? A-Because i need someone to annoy us XD that is why! Music: Megumi Nakajima Game: Kovu Works Gabriele: Me X3
Tacfit Warrior

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